McFadden’s Secret Sound

Secret Sound on SuperHits 103.7 COSY FM!

Presented by McFadden’s Friendly Motors in South Haven.

Weekdays at 7:10am, Paul Layendecker plays Secret Sound for ca$h.

Guess correctly, win the ca$h! When you don’t we add $10.37 every weekday until you do.

It could be anything. It’s your guess!

Click PLAY to hear the current Secret Sound BELOW!!

Meet some of our past McFadden’s Secret Sound WINNERS!


 Ericka McDonald guessed “Opening A tea bag” for $528.88


Edward Isom of Benton Harbor. “Opening a plastic bottle of water” for $570.36  

Diane Stanton of Gobles. “Pulling bills out of my wallet” for $207.41 

Don Burleson  “A Tape Measure” for $31.11!

 Judy Andres from Coloma “Taking Plastic off a roll of Paper Towels” $539.25

Judy Shirley of St. Joe won $601.47 for guessing “Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs”

Don Bush from Benton Harbor won 311.11 for guessing ‘Brushing away snow from a windshield.’

Bill Smith from Coloma won 321.48 for guessing “Tearing a post it note from a pad and posting it.”

Norm Kinney from Allegan won $373.33 for correctly guessing a Bird Flapping Its’ wings. 

Dorothy Lockwood of South Haven won one of the biggest jackpots!  $819.24 for guessing ‘A Pin Drop!’ 


Ron Brown from Otsego won 414.81 for guessing “Crushing Crackers!” 

Chelle Grzbowski from South Haven correctly guessed “A dog scratching the floor” to win 622.21!

Rebecca Zwar of Watervliet i guessed “Plugging in a set of headphones” for $819.24!

June Curtis from Hartford guessed “Peeling a Banana” for 559.99!

Joe Lambrecht from Coloma won 632.58 for guessing ‘a squeaky pair of pliers’, Monday, April 12, 2022!

Judy Brooks from Hartford won 746.65 for guessing ‘plugging in my cellphone’, Tuesday, July 19, 2022!

Willy Raucci from Watervliet won the largest jackpot to date, 1181.84 for guessing ‘pulling leaves off of a houseplant’ on Dec. 23, 2022!

Christy Taylor from Benton Harbor won $767.39 for guessing ‘Scouring a pan” on April 13, 2023 THEN became the first ‘back-to-back’ WINNER on July 19th for guessing ‘pulling a disinfectant wipe from the container for $725.91!

Karla Hummel from Watervliet won $601.47 for guessing “unwrapping a fortune cookie” October 10th, THEN Nick Zech from Benton Harbor guesses the sound of a ‘zip tie’ on day ONE of the next sound for $10.37!

Wrapping up 2023, Judy Brooks from Hartford correctly identified “Dropping a metal trash can” for 550.00!

Congrats to Nancy Mensinger from Bridgman who guessed locking a ski boot in to a ski. 414.81 on Feb. 26, 2024.

Lee Huttenga of Coloma guessed working the valves on my baritone horn for 394.07 on April 18th!

Thanks to our sponsor: McFadden’s Friendly Motors, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram on McM-140 Hwy. South Haven.

Here is the latest Sound!


WCSY Secret Sound Contest Rules

The following contest details are applicable to the SECRET SOUND CONTEST along with the general rules listed at

The Secret Sound Contest takes place each weekday morning at approximately 7:10am. Paul Layendecker will take one caller to guess the ‘Secret Sound Effect.’

Prize: Each ‘round’ has a separate jackpot that begins at $10.37, and is increased by $10.37 each day until the sound is guessed correctly.

The current Secret Sound can be heard on line anytime by clicking on “Secret Sound” at or live on the air weekday mornings approximately 7:10am when the contest is conducted.

 One guaranteed winner per round of the contest. When a sound is identified, a new contest will typically begin the next business day.

Employees of sponsors & their immediate families* are not eligible to enter or play or win.  

* Immediate Family shall include spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and co-habitating “significant other”.  Residents of the same household are also considered “Immediate Family“, whether or not related by blood or marriage.