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YES! Your business can benefit from a local influencer marketing campaign. And I can help you. I’m Paul Layendecker, and you hear me every morning on COSY-FM, as do thousands of others in the Van Buren, Cass, Allegan, and Berrien County areas. I have 25 years of name recognition on the radio and in digital and social media in the area, and I would love to help represent your brand.


Influencer marketing is when a product or service receives an inferred endorsement by a well-known personality. You’ve seen influencer marketing on social media and YouTube from some of your favorite people to follow, celebrities, and more. And that very same concept can now be applied to your own local business or non-profit organization!


I’d like to tell people about your business or organization’s story and invite them to remember you when they need you. I would love to tell our audiences about your story using :60 ad-libs/endorsements or a longform interview on-air or on a podcast, or perhaps interview you on video at your location.


Influencer marketing is the missing piece in a lot of marketing campaigns. But more and more national and regional brands are using influencers to push specific products or services. Don’t get lost among your competitors. A consistent influencer marketing campaign bolsters all parts of the Customer Journey, enhances current relationships with customers, and brings prospects closer to a purchasing decision.


First, they must know who you are. We can help with that, too! Frequent and consistent advertising brings name awareness, the first step in the marketing funnel. Influencer marketing keeps that name in front of your customers and prospects, and allows you to tell the stories of specific products or services effectively so customers and prospects can make the right purchasing decision at the right time, and above your competitors.


And our reach is more than just radio. This Mid-West Family station also offers great influencer marketing opportunities for social media channels, geofenced or targeted display ads, OTT/CTV video ads for those watching streaming television, and more.


Some of the brands I’ve worked with currently, or in the past, include The Lake Michigan College Mendel Center, Kalcer Realty, Professional Hearing Services, Breedsville Provisioning Center, Beachwalk Properties and many more!


Source: RAB.com Radio Matters campaign

Check out some of these examples:

On-site video and on-air broadcast, informing and endorsing brand:

On-site video and on-air broadcast, informing and endorsing brand:

On-air endorsements for products and services:

Here’s more from Paul about the power of Influencer Marketing: 

Would you like a FREE Influencer Marketing Example Commercial? Let Paul know!

*Please note that, because our influencers are typically bound to one client per business category for ad-libs, endorsements, and commercials, I may not be able to help you, but I will find someone else on our staff who can!