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Chelsea Manning to Be Released in May

President Obama has shortened the prison sentence of  Chelsea Manning, who was responsible for a 2010 leak of classified materials to WikiLeaks. Chelsea Manning: Obama reduces sentence of Wikileaks source Via 01/17/2017 4:40 PM    IB

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Dies at 73

Former WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka died Sunday at age 73. Earlier this month a judge found he was not competent to stand trial over the death of his girlfriend in 1983. Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka

Obama Ends

President Obama’s announced a reversal of a a longstanding policy that allows any Cuban that reaches U.S. soil to stay. US visa-free residency for Cubans ends Via 01/12/2017 5:25 PM   GenadijsZ / Shutterstock, Inc.

Joe Biden Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

U.S. President Barack Obama awarded Vice-President Joe Biden the highest civilian honor Thursday, the Presidential Medal of Freedom; declaring him an “extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service.” Tearful Joe Biden awarded freedom medal by

Trump Blasts “Fake News”

Donald Trump went wild on two media outlets Wednesday, calling CNN “fake news” and BuzzFeed a “failing piece of garbage” during his first news conference since Election Day. Trump condemns spy agency ‘leak’ of ‘fake news’ Via

Trooper Rescues Dog From Busy Highway

Master Trooper Joe Swisher noticed a dog running along US 24 in Indiana on Tuesday morning.  He activated his sirens scaring the dog into the median.  After opening his door, the dog jumped in the car to safety.

Clinton and Trump Dominate Super Tuesday

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are looking more likelthat they will be facing each other come November.  After a 12 state barrage of primaries yesterday, both came out with the mass of votes. Clinton and Trump tighten election

Google Self Driving Car Causes Accident

Google’s self-driving auto and the in-car driver saw the bus approaching, but the driver and vehicle “believed the bus would slow or allow the Google vehicle to continue”.  The Google AV sustained body damage to the left

DiCaprio Finally Gets an Oscar

Five nominations and 23 years later, Leonardo Di Caprio’s bad luck at the Oscars finally ended as he won the best actor Oscar for his role of a wounded fur trapper seeking revenge in “The Revenant”.  DiCaprio finally

Officer Killed on First Patrol

Ashley Guindon, 28, of the Prince William County Police Department was fatally shot Saturday in Woodbridge, Virginia, while answering a domestic call in which two other officers were wounded and the suspect’s wife was killed, county police

Missouri Professor Melissa Click Fired

Melissa Click, the University of Missouri professor who was filmed trying to intimidate journalists during a campus protest, has been fired. Missouri professor Melissa Click fired after protest scuffles caught on video Via 02/25/2016 3:17 PM

Trump Nabs Nevada

Donald Trump won the Republican presidential caucuses in Nevada on Tuesday night, according to the Associated Press, giving the billionaire businessman three straight wins in the race for the GOP nomination. Donald Trump sweeps to Nevada victory

UN Bans Lithium Ion Batteries on Aircraft

A U.N. panel on Monday approved a temporary ban on cargo shipments of rechargeable lithium batteries on passenger planes because they can create intense fires capable of destroying an aircraft. U.N. agency bans lithium-ion batteries on passenger