“Way Back When” TODAY!


Paul Layendecker’s “WAY BACK WHEN” for Friday. March 22, 2024

1933, FDR legalized the Sale of Beer and Wine, which had been outlawed since 1919.  Hard liquor was still illegal though.  Prohibition officially came to an end when the 21st Amendment passed that December.

1985, Wendy’s fired their amazing “Where’s the Beef?” spokesperson Clara Peller. . . after Clara did spots for Prego pasta sauce saying she’d FOUND the beef.

1993 Intel officially introduced the “Pentium” processor chip, for IBM compatibles. The chip could process 100 million instructions per second. That was about 300 times faster than the previous chip.


 Music History:

1965 The Temptations released their second studio album Sing Smokey. As its name implies, it is composed entirely of songs written and produced by Smokey Robinson. It featured one of the best-known Motown releases in its history ‘My Girl’.


 Notable Birthdays:

Actress Reese Witherspoon 48

Sportscaster Bob Costas 65

Actor William Shatner ‘Captain Kirk’ 93





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