Primary voting underway today


Michigan voters are going to the polls today to cast ballots in the state’s presidential primary.

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden is looking to win his party’s nomination to seek another four years in the White House. Former President Donald Trump is facing off against former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley for the GOP nomination.

Pollster Ed Sarpolus of Target Insight was asked if we can expect any surprises in the contest.

“The surprise is going to be is where do Republicans vote? Do they wait for March 2 for the caucuses, or do they actually show up on the 27th? What’s surprising to me is the fact that in the last poll I did about three weeks ago, Nikki Haley was already at 14%. If the people are true Trumpites, if they go to the caucuses, that means more of the votes on the 27th may benefit Nikki Haley. She may look better than expected because the traditional Trump voters are not voting.”

Sarpolus appeared on “Michigan Matters,” which airs Sunday mornings on CBS Detroit and WKBD.

Pollsters say Biden could face a wake-up call in Michigan as a movement has been started to mark “uncommitted” on the ballots to indicate frustration with his support of Israel in its war with Hamas.