Rep. Andrews says governor should focus address on growing Michigan


As state lawmakers gather in Lansing for their 2024 session, we’ve been hearing from our area representatives this week about priorities and expectations — including what they’d like to hear from the governor.

Next Wednesday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is set to deliver her sixth State of the State address. If her “What’s Next” speech from last summer is any indication, the governor will continue to push policy designed to boost the state’s economy, its population, and the development of renewable energy. 

We asked State Representative Joey Andrews what he would like the governor to address.

“I’m hoping to hear some focus on how we’re going to go about growing Michigan. We had that whole Growing Michigan Council and this obvious focus on our population problem. And so, I’m hoping that we hear from the governor on her plan going forward as far as that’s concerned. And what the prospect for economic development in our state’s going to be.”

The governor’s Growing Michigan Together Council report notes Michigan ranks 49 out of 5o in state population growth. The report released in December 2023 highlights three strategies to grow the population: make Michigan an innovation hub, build a lifelong learning system, and create thriving, resilient communities. No specifics for timing or cost of the initiatives were included in the council’s recommendations.

The governor’s speech is set for next Wednesday, January 24 at 7 pm Eastern. You can listen to it here on WSJM.