Petition circulating to put Barry Sanders in for one play


A lot of people are incredibly excited about the Detroit Lions making their way into the playoffs. So much so, that there’s a local radio station — Rock 107 WIRX — that has started a national petition to bring back former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders.

Plan B Morning Show host Brock Havens said he and co-host Hunter Wright started the petition asking the Detroit Lions to guarantee that if they make it to the Super Bowl, the legend and NFL Hall of Famer gets to play.

“ Even though I’m a diehard Packers fan, I think it is only right for us to all come together and make sure that if the Detroit Lions make it to the Super Bowl, he gets to suit up for at least one play.”

Sanders played 10 seasons with the Detroit Lions, but he never had the opportunity to play in the big game. He rushed for more than 15,000 yards, won the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Given the Lions performance this year, Havens says he’s motivated to see football justice done.

“I just searched petition websites and put together a petition, an actual petition that people can sign and hopefully make enough noise that if the Lions make it, Barry gets what he deserves.”

Click here to sign the petition in the hopes that we might see Barry Sanders play just one more time.

Full disclosure: Even if they’re led by a Packers fan, WIRX is a sister station of WSJM.