Police look for woman involved in abandonment of vulnerable adult

Michigan State Police are looking for a woman who they say was involved in the abandonment of a disabled woman in Kalamazoo in April. They say 22-year-old Takai Crute was found by a hiker in the Al Sabo Land Preserve west of Kalamazoo in Texas Township on April 20. She had no identification and was unable to communicate with police. At the time, state police asked for the public’s help identifying the woman, who they termed a “Living Jane Doe.” They have since identified Takai, and now say she was left in the wooded area by 50-year-old Angela Clarissa Crute and another woman who has not yet been identified. The three are seen in surveillance video on a Kalamazoo Metro Transit bus. They exited the bus and walked into the Al Sabo land preserve. A maintenance worker spoke to Angela Crute, who said she and her sister were taking Takai for a walk. The worker found that suspicious and reported them to police, but no one found Takai until the hiker came along hours later. Police are looking for Angela Crute and the other woman in the video. Anyone with information can contact state police.

Surveillance video:

Angela Clarissa Crute