“Way Back When” TODAY!

Paul Layendecker’s “WAY BACK WHEN” for Weds., March 15, 2023

44 B.C. Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March by a group of conspirators. According to history, a fortune teller warned Caesar, “beware the Ides of March.” The event was immortalized in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.

1869 The Cincinnati Red Stockings was organized as the first professional baseball team.

1972 “The Godfather” opened in theatres. Francis Ford Coppola made the masterpiece for 6 million dollars. In today’s dollars, that’s over 41 million.

1977 Three’s Company premiered on ABC.


Music History:

1969 Tommy Roe started a four-week run at #1 on the U.S. singles charts with “Dizzy”.


 Notable Birthdays:

Actress Eva Longoria 48

Man Model ‘Fabio’ Lanzoni 64

Music Legend Sly Stone 80

Beach Boy Mike Love 82


Credit to:

Thisdayinmusic.com and Thisdaytrivia.com