MDOT, Firm Working On Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Road

The Michigan Department of Transportation is working with the firm, Electreon on building a road that serves as a wireless electric vehicle recharging station. MDOT spokesperson Michael Frezell tells WSJM News Electreon has built such roads in Europe and its one-mile pilot will be located in Detroit near the Michigan Central Depot site under development by Ford. Is it really possible to charge a vehicle while driving it?

“In a wide scale view of it, yes,” Frezell said. “There is a way to charge a vehicle without having to connect to any type of wiring or plug in or anything like that. And this can be done in  motion and stationary. For example, a transit bus could pull up to a bus stop and charge while it’s sitting there and not have to touch any type of wire.”

Frezell says the pilot road will be on Michigan Avenue and parts of some side streets. Incidentally, Michigan Avenue in Detroit stretches out west, becoming US-12 and reaching Berrien County. The pilot road is under construction now and is expected to be finished next year.