Upton: U.S. Must Continue To Support Ukraine

The United States must continue to support Ukraine as it fights off a Russian invasion. So says Congressman Fred Upton, who tells WSJM News a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine approved by Congress last week had broad support from both sides of the aisle. He met with members of Ukraine’s parliament last week and says they told him about the situation in their country.

“It’s really tough, particularly on the humanitarian side,” Upton said. “We know that the Russians , in fact, are kidnapping children from families and getting them adopted into Russian homes. I know of a number of cases where the parents didn’t know if they’d ever see their child again. We also know, from the Russian side of things, that they’ve had more than 500,000 Ukrainians captive, likely to Siberia.”

Upton says one of the members of parliament he met is in the Ukrainian military and is back to fighting Russians this week. He’s concerned about what the war will do to the food supply, noting 40% of the world’s grain comes from Ukraine. Upton says Ukraine’s fight is “our fight.”