Poll Looks At Parent Priorities For Selecting Summer Camps

A new national poll released this week shows parents consider logistics and cost more than health and safety when sending their children to summer camp. The survey by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan shows less than half of all parents rate safety policies essential to camp decisions. Sarah Clark is a co-director of the poll. She spoke with Michigan News Network

“The number one thing is the location and hours, and right behind that is the cost,” Clark said. “Parents really have to have the logistics work out first, and then they have to consider those other factors. But I will tell you only one in three parents said they were able to find the summer camp options with the features that they want.”

Clark says when it comes to safety, nearly three in four parents say they look for information on the ratio of staff to children while more than three in five are interested in first aid training among staff. More than half are interested in emergency preparedness plans.