Legislation Aims To Help Schools And Police Cooperate During Active Shooter Situations

A Michigan House committee heard testimony Thursday about a school safety bill that would revise the school code to cooperate with local law enforcement in the event of something like a school threat. Sponsor state Representative Mike Mueller told Michigan News Network it would add critical mapping data for law enforcement.

“We’ve seen, and unfortunately we just saw in our own state, that these incidents are going to happen and they’re going to continue to happen, and we need the resources and the technology and the experience of people who actually have been in real world situations where they had to come into contact with hostiles, be in gun fights, and neutralize threats,” Mueller said.

An official with Critical Response Group says it would cost about $10 million to provide maps for every K through 12 school in Michigan. Mueller says the bill would also establish a way for school responses to shootings in a cooperative way with police.