Red Cross Volunteers From Berrien County Heading To Kentucky

Two Red Cross volunteers from Berrien County head out to Kentucky to help with tornado recovery Tuesday. Tom and Mary Westgate of Berrien Center learned they’ll be distributing emergency response supplies like gloves, shovels, and cleaning materials in the area of Mayfield. Tom tells WSJM News this isn’t the first time they’ve gone to help in a disaster area.

“These folks need some help, and Mary and I are blessed to have the energy, the desire, and the health to help out, and it is rewarding,” Westgate said.

Tom says people have all kinds of needs following a disaster.

“Some of them are in shock and sometimes it’s a slow recovery. Doing our distribution o0f emergency supplies, a lot of times we’ll pull up right in front of their home and offer them some supplies to deal with their cleanup, and we’ll hear their stories, and they’ll tell us about the flooding they had and how much water they had and what they’re doing to recover. Then we’ll offer them the contacts to where they may receive some additional help.”

The couple also helped with disaster recovery following recent flooding in Detroit and New York. Tom tells those who wish to help people recovering from the tornadoes to donate to charities that are at the scene.