Lakeshore Schools Adopts Mask Mandate

Lakeshore Public Schools has implemented a mask mandate to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The board of education approved the update to its Return to Learn plan Monday night. Superintendent Greg Eding issued a statement after the meeting saying the policy requires indoor masking by students, staff, visitors, and volunteers. He says the rule is effective immediately and has been approved to ensure the district provides as normal of an experience as possible for students. Parents addressing the Lakeshore Public Schools Board of Education Monday said COVID cases have led to student quarantines that are proving to be a burden. The district says quarantine guidelines from the Berrien County Health Department allow for fewer quarantines when a universal mask rule is in place in a school. The district says in the last eight days, with no mask mandate in place, Lakeshore schools have averaged eleven quarantined students per case. It’s hoped the mask rule will mean fewer quarantines and therefore fewer disruptions to learning.