Upton Believes Infrastructure Package Could Get House Approval In August

Congressman Fred Upton says there is hope yet for a bipartisan infrastructure package. He spoke to WSJM News Tuesday and said the talks in Washington haven’t stopped. He thinks there is way to get something substantial done

“Negotiators met late into the night Monday, over the weekend, and again today, and I think we’re getting close, I really do,” Upton said. “But it’s not done yet. The proposal would be that if our Senate negotiators can come to an agreement that maybe by the end of the week they can actually vote on with 60 votes to get it through the filibuster, then the House would come back probably in mid August and take up the same package.”

That way, Upton says there wouldn’t have to be a conference bill between the House and Senate. He tells us the bipartisan plan includes mostly traditional infrastructure like roads, along with water systems and the electric grid. The $1.2 trillion plan is much less that what had originally been sought by President Biden.