Michigan’s Longest Garage Sale, Along US-12, Set For August

The US-12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale is set for August 13 through August 15. Kris Martin with the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission tells WSJM News Michigan’s Longest Garage Sale runs for about 200 miles along US-12 from New Buffalo to Detroit. You can buy a wide variety of items, from art to furniture to food. Some sellers use their yards, while others have venues.

“Some are at sports complexes, like at Edwardsburg,” Martin said. “Their large sports complex has rental opportunities there. And it also goes down to things like certain farms might rent out areas along the road.”

Martin says US-12 has a long and interesting history.

“It’s been in use for thousands of years, actually. It was used by the indigenous people of North America, and in regards to more recent history, it was one of the first major highways in the state of Michigan.”

US-12 actually stretches all the way from Detroit to Aberdeen, Washington. The garage sale is just in Michigan. Martin says some people make a whole weekend out of it, travelling the length of the state. You can find out more at US12HeritageTrail.org.