St. Joseph School Board Adopts Strategic Plan

The St. Joseph Public Schools Board of Education has approved a new strategic plan for the 2021-2022 school year centered on equity and inclusion for all students. It’s the result of months of work by staff, the administration, families, and the school board. Interim Superintendent Kelly Gaideski says the plan stems out of a “commitment to ensure that every student is cared for emotionally and academically in St. Joseph Public Schools.” This first-year plan is part of a three to five year framework that will continue to be developed under the direction of incoming Superintendent Jenny Fee. It includes five goal areas with commitments under each goal. The goal areas are Data Collection and Analysis, Systems of Support, Framework for Learning, Communication Systems and Business Services, and Partnerships and Projects. School Board President Barry Conybeare says the body is “committed to the vision of removing fences to create equitable, inclusive, and safe learning and working environments for all.” You can see the strategic plan at the website of St. Joseph Public Schools.