MI Works Virtual Hiring Event Planned For This Month

Michigan Works is planning a virtual hiring event for this month. Business account manager Paul Brohman tells WSJM News this will be for positions at Four Winds Casino locations around southwest Michigan. The hiring event will consist of phone interviews between Four Winds managers and job seekers.

“We market the positions, we market the companies, kind of sell the culture a little bit,” Brohman said. “Job seekers who are interested can sign up for a 15 minute phone interview. So they’re guaranteed a phone interview to talk to a hiringagent from that company.”

Brohman says this is not a situation where someone submits a resume and no one at the company ever sees it. Here, the applicants will talk directly with the company.

“Really, it’s just a first impression. Instead of meeting somebody face to face at a group interview or standing across the table at a mock interview, this is a little less intrusive.”

Brohman says Michigan Works thinks this will be more popular than the job fairs or Zoom meetings we’ve known in the past. The hiring event will be February 26 from noon to 3 p.m. and those who want to take part can register at MIWorks.org/Virtual-Job-Fairs. Companies that want to organize similar events with Michigan Works can contact them.