Better Business Bureau Warns About Door To Door Paving Scams

The Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan is warning about a driveway paving scam. It says a woman in Mecosta County has reported a man going by the name of Angelo George coming to her door with an offer to pave her driveway. She asked for more information about the company and was given a business card. The company identifies itself as A&G Paving, which the man said is based out of Big Rapids. The card includes the BBB Logo and a toll-free phone number. The woman declined to sign up on the spot, and instead said she would look into it and get back with them. Since then, the BBB has been unable to locate A&G Paving in Big Rapids or anywhere else in west Michigan. It says there is no company by that name accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and the phone number on the business card goes to an automated message selling medical alert systems. Regional BBB President Phil Catlett says the woman in this story did the right thing by taking time to research the company in question.