United Way Promotes Equity Challenge

The United Way of Southwest Michigan says its upcoming 21 Day Equity Challenge will be an opportunity for the whole community to improve itself by coming to a better understanding of racism and how it affects everyday life. United Way spokesperson Jennifer Tomshack tells WSJM News it falls within the group’s mission to combat racism.

“There are a lot of people right now who are looking for ways to engage on this topic and to bring about change, and of course transformation begins from within,” Tomshack said. “This is kind of an opportunity to take a self-guided learning journey.”

Those who sign up for the 21 Day Equity Challenge will get an email prompt each day concerning racism. It could be an article, a video, or a audio file.

“It’s just a great way for people to commit to change and understand and develop as individuals and as a community.”

Tomshack says everyone is asked to spend ten or 15 minutes pondering their email prompt. There will also be an online journal component for participants to record their thoughts. The challenge will run from September 8 through September 28. You can sign up for the challenge right here.