Meeting On US-31 Completion Project Set For August 10

A meeting will be held in August for Berrien County residents to learn about a major Michigan Department of Transportation project that’s about to start. MDOT spokesperson Nick Schirripa tells WSJM News they’re going to get started this summer on the completion of US-31 to I-94. This multi-year project will involve a lot.

“To rebuild I-94, reconstruct the interchange at I-196, and extend US-31 up to I-94,” Schirripa said. “So it’s a really big project. Three years long, $122.5 million. It’s a large, large project.”

Schirripa says there will be a variety of associated projects done on streets and roads near where US-31 will eventually extend. This affects I-94 as well.

“They’re’ going to be rebuilding a little over three miles of I-94, changing it from six lanes to seven, and adding an auxiliary lane from the new US-31 to I-196. That’s that seventh lane.”

Schirripa says this project is decades in the making, and now that it’s finally happening, MDOT wants affected residents to know about all of its phases. The virtual meeting for the work to be discussed will be held on Monday, August 10 starting at 3 p.m. You can register to take part right here.

Starting in 2020, MDOT will make improvements to I-94, US-31, and I-94 BL, including:

· Reconstructing 3.1 miles of I-94, changing it from the current six-lane divided freeway to a barrier-separated seven-lane freeway.
· Adding an auxiliary lane on EB I-94 from the new US-31 connection to I-196, along with a concrete median barrier.
· Reconstructing all ramps at the I-196 interchange.
· Removing the Highland Avenue and I-94 BL bridges over I-94.
· Constructing cul-de-sacs on Highland Avenue at each side of I-94.
· Constructing a new US-31/I-94/I-94 BL interchange over I-94.
· Reconstructing the Territorial Road bridge over I-94.
· Rehabilitating the Benton Center Road bridge over I-94.
· Reconstructing and realigning 1.6 miles of I-94 BL, right-sizing it from a four to three lanes.
· Constructing a roundabout at I-94 BL and Crystal Avenue.
· Constructing 2 miles of new four-lane divided freeway connecting US-31 to I-94.
· Building new bridges over US-31 at Britain Avenue and Benton Center Road.
· Constructing cul-de-sacs on Empire Avenue at each side of US-31.