Business Group Endorses House Candidates

The National Federation of Independent Business has announced its endorsements of Michigan House candidates for this year. NFIB Michigan Director Charlie Owens tells WSJM News they are all incumbents because the group looks at voting records to score each candidate.

“We find that everyone’s a friend of small business when they’re running for election, and so we try to separate out those that actually vote for small business based on their voting records that we put together every session,” Owens said.

Members of the state House that score 70% or higher are given the thumbs up by the NFIB.

“It’s kind of like when you were in school and you used to bring a grade card home. You could tell your parents you’re doing great in school, but when you come home with your grade card, that tells the story.”

Owens says the organization looked at nine issues, including auto insurance reform, opposition to the governor’s emergency measures, and civil forfeiture reform. The NFIB has endorsed all of southwest Michigan’s House members, including state Representatives Pauline Wendzel, Beth Griffin, Mary Whiteford, and Brad Paquette.