LaSata Announces Southwest Michigan Spirit Tournament

State Senator Kim LaSata has announced the start of her office’s annual Southwest Michigan Spirit Tournament. The tournament, started by LaSata predecessor John Proos, gives high schools throughout LaSata’s district a chance to compete in a bracket-style tournament to determine which has the most pride. The 31 high schools in the tournament will be divided into four brackets, like in the NCAA basketball tournament. The schools will compete in a single-elimination bracket contest with those earning the most points advancing to the next round each week. The contest will be a little different this year. On Facebook, each matchup in each round will feature a graphic of the competing schools’ mascots. To vote, participants will react to the original posted graphic with a Haha to vote for one school or a Wow to vote for the other. Each graphic will indicate which reaction method to use for each school. The other way to support your school is through weekly polls to be posted on LaSata’s website. The bracket competition will run through April 3, when the winner will be determined.