New International Crossing Designed With Neighborhood Focus

The Michigan Department of Transportation unveiled five pedestrian bridges being built as part of the new Gordie Howe International Bridge to Canada in Detroit this month. Speaking on the MDOT podcast, Talking Transportation, the governor’s point man on the crossing, Andy Doctoroff, said the pedestrian bridges being built over the Gordie Howe’s interchange with I-75 show the design of this project is taking into account the needs of the community.

“You look at the overpasses, which are vehicular and pedestrian, and then you look at the fact that all of the streets we’re using that belong to the city of Detroit will be returned as complete streets with bike access and are wider,” Doctoroff said.

To some in west Michigan, a new bridge to Canada in Detroit might not seem significant, but Doctoroff says the Gordie Howe bridge will be a major point for international commerce.

“The bridge is part of a supply chain that I anthologize to arteries that are clogged.”

And he says this bridge will unclog those arteries. The is expected to be finished in 2024.