Waves Take Out Part Of Beach Stairs

The staircase at Cherry Beach in Chikaming Township has been closed as a result of the wild action on Lake Michigan lately. Chikaming Township Parks, Preserves, and Beaches posted pictures of the staircase to its Facebook page over the weekend showing the bottom section of the stairs are gone. The group says it’s now about an eight-to ten-foot drop down to the beach from what’s left of the stairs. The issue at Cherry Beach isn’t the only one Chikaming Township has had with its beaches as of late. Harbert Beach has also been closed due to damage to the stairs. Due to high water levels in Lake Michigan and plenty of wave action this past weekend, coastal areas have been seeing even more erosion. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is predicting things will continue like this throughout the year.

Photo from the Facebook page of Chikaming Township Parks, Preserves, and Beaches.