Niles Woman Sentenced For Attacking Neighbor With Hammer

A 22-year-old Niles woman will serve 128 days, or about four more months, in jail for an attack in September at an apartment complex in the city. Sigourney Broyles was sentenced on Monday to 180 days in jail, with credit for 52 days served. The Niles Daily Star reports she was pregnant and high on cocaine when she hit a neighbor in the head with a hammer. Broyles had earlier told the victim that her car was being broken into, so that woman went out to take a look. When she came back to her apartment after finding out nothing had happened to the vehicle, she testified Broyles was still hanging around her unit and then hit her with the hammer.

The victim said because the 22-year-old was pregnant, she didn’t want to fight back so she started screaming for help. She testified two other neighbors came to help and likely saved her life. Judge Arthur Cotter told Broyles she was lucky that the attack was stopped, because it would have put her behind bars for a lot longer. Her now two-month-old son is being cared for by her godmother while she serves her sentence.