Legislation Would Protect Addresses Of Sexual Assault Victims

Legislation to protect the addresses of domestic and sexual assault victims has been approved in the Michigan Senate. Under the plan, victims would be able to obtain a confidential address for official documents to help protect them from their offenders. State Senator Kim LaSata tells WSJM News the plan is a commonsense way to protect survivors and their families.

“It gives them another way to feel protected, not having their addresses disclosed, and that includes at schools,” LaSata said. “It also would allow for children to have that same confidentiality if they’re at risk of being physically threatened or harmed.”

A bill in the package, sponsored by LaSata, would also exempt program participants from jury duty. She says having to sit on a jury could expose the name and other information about someone who has been victimized. Michigan would join 38 states with similar laws if the legislative package is enacted. It now goes on to the Michigan House.