Pieces Of Lake Huron Shipwrecks Coming Onshore


The high water levels on the Great Lakes the last two years are doing more than just causing erosion and making beaches considerably smaller. The water is also washing ashore pieces of shipwrecks along Lake Huron.

The “Alpena News” reports wooden pieces from ships long since lost to the lake have been a common sight in Alpena along Thunder Bay and in other areas up north as the waves move those wreckage artifacts to land. State Maritime Archaeologist Wayne Lusardi says it’s giving archaeologists an opportunity to measure, study, photograph and draw the remnants normally hidden far below the surface.

He says a shipwreck once buried in sand dunes at Hoeft State Park, north of Rogers City, has been come to light over the summer. Wind-driven waves have revealed 45 feet of that ship’s ribs and bottom, although most of that vessel remains buried.

The Associated Press contributed to this report