Sheriff Reminds Drivers To Be Cautious With School Starting


School is back from the summer, and Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey wants to remind drivers to watch out for kids on the streets. He tells WSJM News it’s especially important to know where the school zones are and their speed limits.

“The buses are going to be out there, the kids are going to be excited about going back to school, and they’re going to be crossing the roadways,” Bailey said. “Please just slow down and watch out for the children who are out there walking to school or waiting for the school bus.”

Bailey says when a school bus is preparing to stop, it will turn on its yellow lights, and that’s the time to slow down. No passing school buses allowed.

“It is illegal and you will be ticketed. The bus driver will try to get the plate number off the car as it’s passing. Some of the bus drivers now have cameras where we can identify the car that’s passing.”

Bailey says the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, local police departments, and Michigan State Police will be using radar in school zones to enforce the speed limit. Also, he advises parents to tell their kids to stay at least ten feet from the road.