SUVs Stolen From Locked Garage In Edwardsburg

An Edwardsburg couple is asking people to be looking out for one of their vehicles, which was stolen out of their locked garage this week. Our news partners at WSBT report the woman who owns the white GMC Yukon Denali saw a notification on her phone when she woke up Thursday morning that their security camera had detected motion overnight. The footage, which police now have, shows two suspect using the keypad on the outside of the garage to open it up around 1:30 in the morning, realize no alarms would go off, and then they came back two hours later. Upon their return, they stole both SUVs from the garage, with one being recovered around 7:30 Thursday morning in Buchanan. It’s not known if the thieves knew the garage code or if they were using some sort of device to override that and open the door.