BH Schools CEO Addresses Interview With Other District


Benton Harbor Area Schools CEO Robert Herrera has apologized to the board of education for a communication breakdown involving his pursuit of a position with another district. At Tuesday’s district CEO meeting, Herrera said he was surprised to learn his interview this week for the superintendent position at Farmington Public Schools was news to Benton Harbor board trustees. He told WSJM News he had informed the board’s legal counsel, and thought the word would be passed along.

“I do apologize to the board, putting them in that situation,” Herrera said. “That’s not something superintendents do to boards of education. It’s certainly not something I intended to do, so I take responsibility for not ensuring they had that information.”

Herrera told us he thought now might be a good time to consider moving on as the cooperative agreement between Benton Harbor Area Schools and the state is ending this summer. Board of Education Trustee Michelle Crowder told us she’s not sure about that reasoning.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not, him leaving, because he’s new to the district,” Crowder said. “The students, staff, teachers have gotten used to him.”

Crowder said she believes the board could work with Herrera in a traditional superintendent’s role. Herrera’s interview with Farmington Wednesday is only a preliminary step toward him leaving.