Legislature Approves “Raise The Age” Legislation

The Michigan House on Thursday approved “raise the age” legislation. The plan would end the policy requiring all 17-year-olds to be treated as adults in Michigan’s criminal justice system. Speaking on the House floor, state Representative Roger Hauck of Isabella County said it is not fair to subject a high school student to the same treatment as an adult.

“Rather than bring the whole weight of the adult criminal justice system on to high school juniors and seniors, we should help young offenders get on the right track by focusing on rehabilitation services,” Hauck said.

State Representative Brad Paquette of Niles hailed the legislation, telling us the plan will give judges and prosecutors the discretion to place young offenders in juvenile programs “focused on educating, rehabilitating, and building a family support system for the teens.” He also says it will save money. The plan has also passed in the Michigan Senate.