Lawmaker Slams Gas Tax Proposal

State Representative Beth Griffin says there’s zero chance the Michigan House will approve the 45 cent gas tax increase proposed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer. We asked the Republican lawmaker from Mattawan what should be done to raise money for fixing the roads. Griffin says state leaders need to get creative instead of jacking up taxes.

“It’s short-sighted, and it’s just too easy to say ‘We’re just going to tax everybody and we’re going to spend all of this money,’ when you’re not looking, for example, at MDOT,” Griffin said. “MDOT is a huge bureaucratic maze, and I’m sure there are things we could be looking at there. It could be more efficient.”

In general, Griffin wasn’t a big fan of the governor’s budget proposal.

“I was disappointed that it just sounded more like a tax and spend statement than a detailed budget.”

Griffin also raised an alarm last week because the proposed spending plan doesn’t include funding for Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates. She vowed to help reinstate that money.