At Least 23 Dead In Devastating Alabama Tornadoes

A deadly tornado ripped through Alabama on Sunday that was part of a severe storm system, causing at least 23 deaths and catastrophic damage, as well as unleashing other tornadoes around the Southeast. 

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said to local news stations that the tornado traveled along a state road in Beauregard, Alabama and the path of destruction appeared at least a mile long and a quarter mile wide. He said single-family homes and mobile homes were destroyed, adding some homes were reduced to slabs. He had told reporters earlier that several people were taken to hospitals, some with “very serious injuries.”

Among the fatalities were an 8-year-old girl, according to rescue officials. Her identity was not released. Unconfirmed reports identified a 6-year-old boy as another victim. 

The threat of severe weather continued into the late-night hours on Sunday, and a tornado watch was in effect for much of eastern Georgia, including Athens, Augusta and Savannah. The tornado watch also covered a large area of South Carolina, including the cities of Charleston and Columbia.

At least 23 dead in devastating Alabama tornado, damage is ‘unbelievable’