Study: Michigan Ranks Last In School Funding Growth

Despite claims from some that under former Governor Rick Snyder the state was putting more money than ever into education, a newly-released study finds no other state tightened its education spending more than Michigan did over a 20-year period. Michigan State University said Wednesday that the state ranked dead last in total education revenue growth between 1995 and 2015.

After adjusting for inflation, school revenue was 82% of what it was in 1995, after the passage of the education-finance overhaul known as Proposal A. Supporters of that measure say it was meant to close the gap between the best and worst-funded school districts. No other state was “close to a decline of this magnitude,” the research says.

Michigan, which has seen a drop in enrollment, also ranked low in per-pupil revenue growth – placing 48th among 50 states. Per-student spending, though, is middle of the pack nationally. Michigan State University researchers say the fundamental cause of lower school spending is tax cuts.

The Associated Press contributed to this report