Doctor’s Tips On Avoiding Illness In Winter

By Doug Cunningham

We have a lot of experience in Michigan with how to make it through our long winters – but the winter months still make more people sick than other times of the year. Dr. Vince Guglielmetti  (GooGleel-mehti)— a physician with MedExpress Urgent Care, says it pays to remember to practice smart habits if you want to be illness free this winter. He says it’s especially important to take health precautions when you travel.

“You have to be prepared to wipe down things on airplanes. The handles, the headrests and so forth with sanitized towelettes. Regularly wash your hands, some ocean spray for the nostrils to keep it nice and moist to help guard against getting viruses and so forth. That’s a helpful hint.”

Eating habits can also get disrupted in the winter by the holidays and travel. But Dr. Guglielmetti says healthier eating will help you stay well this winter.

“Eat properly when you’re away. Make sure you‘re not eating unwashed fruit or salads and so forth when you go down south.”

In addition to cold and stomach viruses, a very common malady in winter months is traveler’s diarrhea. But being mindful of good habits will improve your chances of avoiding common winter illnesses.