Commissioners Discuss Red Arrow Plans

There is a possibility that Red Arrow Highway between about Bridgman and New Buffalo could go from four lanes to three lanes in the coming years as part of a repaving project, and some Berrien County Commissioners want to know more about the idea. At this week’s meeting, Commissioner Ezra Scott said he’s heard from residents opposed to losing a lane in each direction. Commissioner Mac Elliot said the idea of not being able to pass for ten miles or so on Red Arrow hardly excites him. While the Berrien County Road Department plans the project, County Administrator Bill Wolf said the county commission will be kept informed. As for a possible linear trail for Red Arrow in that same stretch, Wolf said the trail won’t guide the road plans. Commissioner Elliot said he thinks the county board should know if it’s going to have the final word. Wolf told commissioners the road department’s plan will be brought to them when ready.