Matt Longjohn Is Running For Congress In Part To Provide A Check On Trump


Matt Longjohn says he’s running against Rep. Fred Upton in part to provide a check on Trump – something that resonates with Democratic and many independent voters.

Is Dr. Matt Longjohn running for Congress in part to provide a check on Donald Trump’s extremes?

“Yes. We’ve seen zero tolerance immigration policy on the borders that I believe is wrong. I believe that his policy around tax policy is wrong. That it continues that trickle down economic theory, that it puts $1.5 trillion on the deficit. I believe his foreign policy has been misguided. And that’s also something I want to provide a check to.”

Longjohn says he won’t always be in opposition to Trump on every issue, but it’s evident that a congressional check is needed on this president. And Longjohn says the constitution demands it.

“The constitution is framed in a way that Congress is supposed to provide a check and balance. And it’s not just against President Trump. It’s against the office of the presidency. And we have over thirty years seen Congress abdicate it’s responsibility for providing a check to the executive branch. It’s being talked about as an imperial presidency.”