Gast Investing In Benton Twp Facility

Gast Manufacturing has announced a $6 million investment in Benton Township. Cornerstone Alliance Business Development Manager Shane Kissack tells WSJM News the company, which designs and produces air-moving products, plans to add at least 30 new jobs over the next three years as it improves its existing facility.

“They’re making some improvements to the facility to modernize their labs and manufacturing space and some of their modeling space and modeling shops inside their existing facility,” Kissack said. “Ultimately, they’ll also be renovating their office and conference space toward the front of the building that runs along M-139.”

Kissack tells us Benton Township approved a 12-year Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption to make way for the expansion. That will give Gast a property tax break on any new investment during that time. Gast currently employs 300 people , and the improvement work will start this year.