Secretary Of State Prepares For End Of Responsibility Fees

The state’s unpopular driver responsibility fees are being wiped off the books soon. Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson says in a YouTube video those who have had their license suspended for not paying driver responsibility fees can get that taken care of for free next month.

“If your license was suspended because of driver responsibility fees, you may be eligible to reinstate your license between October 1 and the end of the year without paying the $125 reinstatement fee,” Johnson said.

Johnson says, however, if you’re license has been suspended for any other reason and you also owe those fees, you’ll need to get the other issue or issues resolved before your license will be valid again. The move to wipe out the fees will be a big help to over 300,000 Michigan residents who still owed them when the Legislature voted to repeal the 2003 law. State lawmakers 15 years ago enacted the fees in an attempt to fix a budget shortfall, but it only wound up hurting those who could least afford it.