Polls Give Whitmer Big Leads Over Schuette In Gubernatorial Race

One Republican consultant and pollster says the question is not if Democrat Gretchen Whitmer will win the governor’s race in November, but will she have a double-digit margin of victory. John Yob’s Strategic National polling firm gives Whitmer a 10% lead right now over Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, 49-to-39%. Another new poll released this week by the Glengariff Group for “The Detroit News” and WDIV-TV shows Whitmer with an even bigger lead, 49.8% to 36.1% with just 10% undecided and 2.3% backing Libertarian Party candidate Bill Gelineau.

That poll also found the unpopularity of President Trump in the state is an anchor on Republican candidates. 57% of those polled have an unfavorable opinion of the President, unchanged from January. Glengariff Group CEO Richard Czuba says Schuette came out of the Republican primary damaged, and having very little support among the independent voters that he says will likely decide the race.