Michigan Gas Prices Go Up Post-Labor Day

We’re paying 6¢ more per gallon on average this week than last. Triple-A Michigan says its weekly survey found the average price for regular is just under $2.93 a gallon. The jump follows an increase to nearly $3 a gallon right after Labor Day last week. There is a wide swing between the highest and lowest averages in Michigan, with Ann Arbor drivers paying $2.96 on average and the price in Traverse City coming in at $2.76. In Benton Harbor and St. Joseph, the auto club says our average is $2.90, a rise of 9¢ from last week. According to GasBuddy, South Haven’s prices range from $2.79 to $2.89 to start the week. No Van Buren County stations are included in Triple-A’s weekly price survey.