Upton Talks Tariffs

Congressman Fred Upton says a trade war possibly kicked off by the Trump administration’s tariffs on foreign goods will only hurt consumers. The Trump administration is putting 25% tariffs on 800 Chinese products worth $34 billion while China is retaliating with tariffs also totaling $34 billion in U.S. goods. That includes agricultural products. Upton tells WSJM News he has heard from concerned locals.

“We have pretty good bean production in southwest Michigan, and I know some of our fruit — I believe apples — are on that list as well,” Upton said. “I’ve been talking to Farm Bureau members over the last couple of weeks, and I know that these tariffs that are pointed now back on us by the Chinese as well as the Canadians are going to pinch us.”

Upton says trade retaliation by not only China but also Canada will “pinch us.” He says he hopes the trade war can be ended quickly. Upton adds he hopes talks this week between the Trump administration and NATO allies will bring “some semblance of order.”