Upton Still Wants Immigration Action

Congressman Fred Upton remains disappointed in the U.S. House’s failure to pass an immigration reform plan. Since President Trump signed an executive order to end the separation of families detained at the border with Mexico, Upton tells WSJM News a new fear has arisen in Congress.

“Everyone’s sense is that the courts are probably going to rule against that, and therefore perhaps re-impose that policy,” Upton said. “We are also worried that the courts may remove protections for the dreamers.”

Upton said this possible court action is getting increasing discussion.

“That’s the fear,” Upton said. “I don’t know the legal standing of all of this, but that’s what we’re led to believe, along with removing the protections that the dreamers have, at least for a while.”

It’s for those separated families and the dreamers allowed to stay in the U.S. due to DACA that Upton wants another go at immigration. He says the last attempt at an immigration plan failed because everyone was “looking for a more perfect solution.”