Two Arrested After Fleeing Police

The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department tells us two men are in custody after a chase with deputies on Friday. It started in the 47,000 block of 27th Street in Almena Township when a sheriff’s deputy pulled over a black sport bike for a plate violation. The bike had been traveling with two others, and police say the other riders took off, fleeing from the deputy. A chase began. One of the riders wiped out at a dead end on 30th Street, and was taken into custody. Another of the riders tried to cut through a field, hit a fence, and then was taken into custody. The sheriff’s department says the two arrested are 47-year-old man from Lawton and a 40-year-old man from Galesburg. Both suspects had suspended licenses. Neither bike was properly registered or plated, and neither driver had a cycle endorsement. Both suspects were taken to the Van Buren County Jail.