FY 2019 Budget Heads To Governor Snyder

A $57 billion spending plan that boosts base K-12 funding and road construction has been approved by the Michigan Legislature. The budget, which takes effect in October, also closes a state prison, earmarks $100 million for Governor Snyder’s plan to link students with in-demand jobs and sets aside money to better secure some schools from shooters.

The House and Senate passed the two main bills Tuesday, on what is expected to be Republican-led Legislature’s last session day before a summer break. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Hildenbrand says spending is down in the general omnibus budget because as the economy grows, social welfare caseloads are declining. While GOP lawmakers tout record spending on K-12 schools, Democrats say the education budget falls short in adequately funding schools, especially underperforming ones.

WSJM News has reached out to Representative Dave Pagel and Senator John Proos for their remarks on this year’s budget. It marks the eighth straight year that lawmakers have finished the spending plan and sent it to the governor’s office before the current fiscal year ends on September 30.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.