Lighthouse Tours This Summer

The Heritage Museum and Cultural Center in St. Joseph has released the schedule for this summer’s lighthouse tours. Curator Tracy Gierada tells us this will be the third year for the tours, which opened up in 2016 following the lighthouse renovations. She tells us there are a few different types of tours, starting with the walking tours.

“That’s an hour-long, guided walking tour that covers the whole 180 years of lighthouse history in St. Joseph, and gives you a really good look at the exterior of the restored structure, and then ends inside the inner lighthouse,” Gierada said.

Gierada tells us there will also be opportunities this summer to go in the lighthouse at sunset, and also some open hours. She also notes the Heritage Museum will hold a lighthouse reception June 14 with a special exhibit on Michigan’s lighthouses. There will also be a new interpretive exhibit inside the lighthouse this summer. You can book your tour at