Group Fights Minimum Wage Proposal

A group that represents small businesses says a proposal to raise Michigan’s minimum wage to $12 per hour would lead to more than 180,000 jobs lost over ten years if approved. National Federation of Independent Business of Michigan Director Charlie Owens tells us the wage increase would be especially harmful to businesses like restaurants. He says tipped workers would also be affected, meaning some could actually lose out.

“The state of Maine passed a similar proposal to what they are trying to push [in Michigan] with getting rid of the tipped credit, and restaurant workers organized themselves and went to the Maine legislature and asked them to repeal it because it was a pay cut for them,” Owens said. “That’s what’s going to happen here.”

Michigan One Fair Wage says greedy businesses are ripping off employees and forcing many of them to seek public assistance by not paying enough. Owens maintains small businesses would be primarily affected if the minimum wage goes up to $12 per hour.