No Charges To Be Sought Against Deputies

The Berrien County Prosecutor’s Office has cleared two sheriff’s deputies of wrongdoing in a crash this month that killed three.

The crash happened the morning of April 15 during a chase. Prosecutor Michael Sepic tells WSJM News four suspects broke into a gun shop in Stevensville and made off with some firearms. They were spotted later, and that’s when the chase began. It ended on M-139 north of Rockey Weed Road when the SUV the suspects were in crashed into a tree. Three were killed, while a fourth remains in intensive care.

Prosecutor Sepic tells us the deputies involved in the chase kept their distance from the SUV and made no attempt to physically stop it. He writes, “The deputies’ efforts to maintain sight of the suspect vehicle, the occupants of which likely had stolen a number of firearms, was entirely appropriate.” Sepic adds, “There was no violation of a criminal law by the deputies who gave chase; therefore, no criminal charges will be authorized relating to the chase.”